A  p a r o d y   o f   M a d o n n a ’ s   n o t o r i o u s   “ S e x ”   b o o k ,  s h o t   e n t i r e l y   o n  F i r e   I s l a n d. 

S E X  I N  D R A G

Greg Scarnici presents “Sex In Drag”  -

featuring over 70 parodied images from Madonna’s notorious “Sex” book - the most sought-after, out-of-print book of our time. 

Photography by WILSONMODELS.


With Chris “Go Go” Harder,
Dallas Dubois & Logan Hardcore. 

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C L I C K  C O V E R  T O  P E E P  I N S I D E !

Listen to Greg’s “Erotica” parody above!

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